how can you learn to let go of someone who's so much been a part of you?

December 15, 2010 9:19am CST
i fell inlove and only got hurt after he left to study abroad.. i know we are not meant to be, coz hes a bit younger than me and he still lots of things that he needs to accomplished. its just hurt me coz we have to let go of each other and forget our special memories. but still i dont know how to let go..:(
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@jenzai (390)
• Philippines
16 Dec 10
Hi glimpse, good thing you feel that love, be grateful with it, if things are meant to be it will, age is not a factor, neither distance,i m not giving you false hope,just be grateful with the friendship and the love that you feel. If i am in your case i think i will have to be patient with myself, accepting things would take time, don't try to forget it if you have memories together, because it would be difficult. Healthy diversion is a good thing or keeping yourself busy. God bless.
• Philippines
16 Dec 10
Nice advise.^^ Diversion. =D. I stayed with my friends often and I did the things i enjoy, that was what I did before and somehow, the loneliness is lessened.
• Philippines
15 Jun 11
Yes take time to heal..Who knows you are still destined to be together.Life is so unpredictable.Just try to focus in something productive.You can focus in your study or work.Be in touch with your family and friends to compensate for his lost.
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
19 Dec 10
Hello Glimpse, what i did two times, when my heart was nearly broken, i was working very very very hard. I was out of confidence when we broke up, i was so disappointed, so sad, it was painful and i wanted to cry all the time. But one day i just said myself - why do you hurt yourself more and more, reminding old memories, which will never happen again? That's how i move on... First time i worked very hard, did my best to be busy all the time, so busy and so tired at the end, that i couldn't think, i couldn't stay awake, i couldn't do anything. I was tired as hell and just could eat and sleep. That's the first time when i broke up with someone special. Second time was much different, i couldn't move on so easy, because my job didn't needed so much care from me, everything happened by itself without needing my own skills. It was longer, it was awful. When i couldn't give anything new and different, with hard and busy working on my job, i decided to work with myself, for better feelings, for better look. I was just circle of nerves and it was much longer and much harder than the first time, it took me something like 6 or 7 months in loneliness and asking myself where did i made mistake? If you want to move on and live a new life, spend 2-3 months doing something which is good for you, may be something physical will be good, as it was for me. You will be so tired when you stop doing it, that you will only want to rest and sleep. It helps for sure, believe me. After these 2-3 months, your mind about that person will be changed and may be you will understand that it was not the right person for you, it happened with me. My friends, when they got serious emotional problems, they start some hard work for doing some sport. That's how they keep their mind and body busy and they can't think so much about their problems. Good luck.