Extra Time In Exam

@06MLam (622)
December 16, 2010 6:38am CST
When my dad has looked at the letter from the university that I have applied for, he asked me what it is about very seriously as it is about me having learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia and the university would therefore like to help me sort that out. He asked me why I have indicated myself as disabled. First of all,the letter was for me and he has no right to have a look at it without my permission as a respect to me and that is one of the reason that made me angry and probably upset as well as disappointed. Though I am his daughter, I think I should have my own privacy and I think the result would be much better if I try to tell him myself about what is going on rather than he reading through my stuff without my permission. Secondly, he thought that I was cheating for applying extra time in exams as he thought that I am absolutly normal and not disabled. I know I am not physically disabled but at circumstances I show some differences from normal people, such as not being able to write the word with exactly what I am thinking in my head and to do some actions such as talking while matching and counting while playing my instruments and this has been proved by the specialised teacher responsible for learning difficulties in students in school. I totally understand why my father as well as my auntie, most probably a lot of the others, would think that I am cheating for extra time but can they just think in my situation. I understand it might seem unfair to those students that have no learning difficulties but it is very unfair for me to be treated as students without learning difficulties as they do not need extra support in their learning. What I want is just some support from the others, especially from the specialists, so as to help me think of some stragegies to solve my problems during learning. I think extra time is just one of the solutions and therefore I did go to see the specialised teacher to help find out what the real problem is for me and develop a stragegy for me, hopefully I can act as normal as the others. I think I have to mentioned that the others could not realise my problem is probably I have put in quite a lot of effort in sorting out this problem. Therefore, I think people should keep their mouth shut if they do not know the whole situation as they will hinder the students' own learning and development a lot. However, if they realise there is probably some weaknesses in such a system for applying extra time in exams, such as people cheating for extra time, they should have report this to the corresponding organisations so as to bring the most advantages to everyone. Have you encountered such a situation? Would you mind sharing?
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