Survey between cyberspace and the real world?

December 16, 2010 7:07am CST
I have some questions ... please answer honestly ... as a comparison ... 1. more comfortable you are friends with a friend a virtual world or real world? (why?) 2. you guys do not ever fall in love in cyberspace? (no reason?) 3. (for who in the real world who already have a couple) if you have a virtual world lover, too? (if there's a reason?) 4. if you have a family of virtual worlds? (like mother, father. brother.'s sister, etc ?)... Who are we if members of your virtual family that? 5. what is the main reason you pull through the virtual world interactions? 6. if you ever ground coffee with friends you masing2 cyberspace? if ever, do you become more familiar friends or something? 7. if you ever fight in cyberspace? (if ever what causes it and how you solve them?) 8. g you guys ever have goals or dreams with your friends a virtual world? (if there is what it is?) sorry many questions ... once again, please honestly answer yes ... I need the cooperation of you all ...
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
18 Dec 10
1. real, because in cyberspace, we just meet and chat via the computer screen, unlike the real world, if in the real world can be met immediately, the streets together, kao no problem can ask for help directly. fun 2. hmm, yes that time had several times the first time "make a FB account, acquaintances the same guy. already so exchange mobile numbers, sms, friends, finally I like to him. haha! 4. yes, there is a FB friend too. I think brother already own. 5. so many friends 6. well, that certainly even more familiar 7. ever, I have a friend liar and slanderers. then there is a misunderstanding, he is slandering me. FB I finally filled with verbal abuse from them. yes I just delete unnecessary comments from them, 8. yes I want the virtual friendships can be friends for real.
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@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
16 Dec 10
Hi kendedes... To answer you 1. I am comfortable with both; 2. Yes, i have fallen in love with someone from cyberspace; 3. Not applicable to me because i am still single; 4. Yes, i have a cyberdad and he is in mylot as well. Hi paps! 5. I pull through because life goes on; 6. I dont quite understand your question; 7. Yes, i have fought with my chatmate; the reason was we misunderstood each other, we were able to pull through because we talked it out; 8. I wish to meet all my cyberfriends.
• Indonesia
18 Dec 10
thank you for your comment, and I apologize if my question makes you confused, because my english substandard
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
15 Jan 11
1. I'm more comfortable with the virtual world friends, because my friends in the real world that just wants something from me and when something that already they could they would leave me like people who are not worth anything. 2. once but can not drag on in awe just say 3. I was still single in cyberspace and the real 4. not exist 5. because of the association in the real world drain my time if the virtual world, can get along while working. 6. never 7. never 8. there (but only I know)
• Indonesia
13 Jan 11
in general all the same. because basically the art of hanging out in the real world also apply in cyberspace. But I feel more comfortable friendly virtual world .because of free expression, and typically the boundary between senior and junior less so visible so eliminate the line between us and others
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
18 Dec 10
1. There are some + and - on both . I'm happy being with my friends out but well some of them piss me a lot and well you know this "friendly" hitting that i hate so much . 2. I don't think i can fall in love true internet , if i know the girl and go out with her from time to time i might fall , but only from internet its next to impossible . 3.Skipy 4.Well i haved some kind of this but it was more of a game ;) 5.Cuz i curently live in a villige with old people and well i stay in internet a lot . 6.Well i'm mostly with my friend from real world in the internet i goed once with someone i get to know from internet and it was strange . 7.Mostly miss understandings , well i always say what i feel so if you dont like it i dont care . If he really is a friend of mine we manage it or it passes . 8.Working , Making Blogs , sites , Playing games and a lot of other things ;) Not anything special .
@juneevee (106)
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
heres mine: 1. I am comfortable with both. 2. I do fall in love with a person in cyberspace, in fact we ended up with a strong relationship. 3. I dont do that, I stick to one. 4. Yup, I have a virtual grandpa and virtual father. 5. You need to attend some real life events sometimes. 6. Umm? 7. I had lots of it before, I slept it away haha. 8. Yes I have, one group I joined, we planned to share our music to the orphanage or home for the aged. Most of the members are pro violinist, minus me but I wanted to do it. Unfortunately, we dont have time yet, but I hope we can do it soon.