what should I do now ?

December 16, 2010 7:11am CST
I am a student,I often do not know what to do.I want to learn,but I doubt whether it is useful.And now I even do not know what i love to do.And these years learning,I have not found it,the college could not figure it out.I am very confused about future.Why?Why? Do you have ever the same experience? Maybe now I am old enough.I must consider this problem.Who can give me the answer?The world is not unfair , why I am so poor,must have such heavy pressure.I want to be god,if I am the god,I will not let this happen.And everyone in the world is fair.
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@kodukodu84 (1576)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 10
I have had been under the same experience and I also found it very difficult especially that I also came from a poor family. But I just kept going and do what I was doing until I finally figured out what I exactly wanted to do for my future. I'm sure every college have their own counselling to help their student to recognize their problem and also giving an advice about future career. You can go for it and talk to them about your problem and hopefully they can help you to make it a bit lighter for you. Good luck and have a nice day
• United States
16 Dec 10
Learn just to learn. I learn something new every single day. I love learning. Today, I learned what a fugal infection in the mouth is and how to treat it. I never knew about that before. I also learned that if a person's legs swell up it could be because of blood clots in the legs. I also learned that my cousin and his wife are going to have a baby boy in April (very happy for them). People should always learn something. Life is all about learning.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
16 Dec 10
Same for me. I don't know what I can do best to promote myself from the current status. I just a bit of tired of what I am doing without seeing any fruit. Well, life just goes like this, and I hope that I can find myself an exit way out. Good luck to you!
• United States
16 Dec 10
You need to take some time to weigh your likes and dislikes and jot down what advantages and disadvantages out weigh one another. Persist and try at that things you like as you will never truly know success unless you fail a few times. Good luck to you and seek out some help when you need to as no one should be too proud to ask for help at times of need.
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
16 Dec 10
I think that it would be worth you making an appointment to see a careers advisor. Maybe you could get a job to earn some money then you will be better placed to be able to do what you choose. You should ask yourself what you are interested in and what motivates you. I like children and education so I have become a primary school teacher. I am very keen on traveling and even with little money I still manage to do that. It might be worth you completing your studies if you can afford to do so. Good luck.