I wrote a little article describing iPhone and iPad as a jail, do you agree?

@Strovek (870)
December 16, 2010 5:47pm CST
I wrote a little article describing iPhone and iPad as a jail. Read the article and let me know if you agree with my little description: http://computersight.com/computers/high-class-jail-where-people-pay-to-enter/ Share your views.
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@livre1 (34)
• Brazil
17 Dec 10
Hello I do not intend to buy anything from Apple, the company and its products seems to leave its users many prisoners its proprietary platform, I like free software, for me the open source software is best solution for freedom, if it is for me I would choose it seems that Android is not entirely free, since most improvement. So I use a Linux distribution, it is not totally "free"more is better than using Mac Most of the software I use is open source, use ODF documents that gives me more freedom to use, as well as OpenOffice and Abiword. Using systems such as Android I think is best, even if I do not have one. Good Night.
@Strovek (870)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 10
I realize the passion between those who love Apple and those like yourself who are against the company. I guess you have that for any companies. A few are like pro and anti Microsoft pro and anti Proctor & Gamble (some even go so far as saying they are Satan supporters). However, wouldn't you agree that it takes a genius to do what they do with iPod, iPhone and even iPad?