after 1 month. hello sexy!!

December 16, 2010 6:09pm CST
i am chubby before. i have been searched the net, magazines and articles on how can i loose my weight. after reading i found those diet plans very expensive so i decided to make my own. and gotcha a vegetable diet makes me slim and fit. it also has a health benefit because vegetables and fruits have fibers, vitamins and many healthy substances. good for the heart, brain, and mind. honestly, i required you to do this until you get slim and sexy and after achieving your dream just maintain eat. you can go now and eat meat. but again don't be over and maintain! note!! the foods i recommend to you" steamed fish, fruits, vegetables,no oil foods, no salt, no coffee for a meantime, and less sugar food!! sugar will makes you big!!! avoid sweets like cakes, ice cream. i also recommend you to exercise such as jogging, walking and other sports the more you sweat the better.. i hope you like it! hope to see you in a slimmer you! if this is only a sacrifice for a month, why not!!
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• United States
17 Dec 10
Congrats to you for healthy eating and slimming down to a wonderful weight. It is very important to continue to discipline yourself from here on in. I am one who eats very healthy and am very slim as I do watch what I eat and exercise routinely. By the way I see you are new to myLot, so a very warm welcome to you and happy myLotting.
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
oh thank you :) i really wants that all people should be healthy as what we are and the environment.. discipline is the real thing when it comes to diet.. :)