Where The Place Cheap Book Online?

December 16, 2010 11:56pm CST
I need some of books, everybody in here, are you all know the place that sell a book with cheap price. Is important because my money not to much. Someplace with discount or anything and it's must online because I don't want to walk. Please, tell me where is the place that I can get cheap book.
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@nicregi (1936)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 10
Hi there. I guess one of the places you can find is Amazon and eBay. I am not sure but these are the sites that I really trust. Guess you can find more on Amazon website.
• Australia
18 Dec 10
Hello nicregi. My favorite place to buy books is on eBay. They can be very cheap, and some really good books don't even get any bids. You can use "Buy It Now" if you are nervous about bidding. This way you can still get hold of low-cost books, too. Just make sure that the sellers are not over-charging for postage. You can find books on just about any subject, and including good fiction.
@anitoton (390)
• Kolkata, India
23 Dec 10
ebay is the best for buying books online.there you can get also tons of offers and coupons and free shipment sometimes..
@fpsninja (874)
18 Dec 10
For books, there are only 2 sites i used. Either go on amazon, and buy a used or new, these tend to be 50% the price of the full price book, or even less. Or, try your luck on ebay, i got a book worth £60 for £5 on there
@sam3m1 (190)
• United States
18 Dec 10
take a look at Paperbackbookswap.com you post your books you want to trade, when someone requests one of your books you send it to them, paying postage (most i've ever paid is $2.70 or so). you then get a credit and can request any book from any listed on the site (i think about 4,000,000) and that person will send you the book, no charge to you.
@Cargoleta (726)
• Spain
17 Dec 10
Hi! Maybe you can check out http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ ? They have a lot of cheap books and ship worldwide, and the best thing is that the shipping is totally free no matter which country you live in. I hope that helps, take care! :)