How to write a comppsition

December 17, 2010 5:56am CST
Tomorrow afternoon,I will have an exam.I am very worried about how to write a composition.My English is very poor.Writing a composition is hard. Can you give me some advices? How to prepare tommorow's examinations?
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@tenrajj (911)
• Bhutan
17 Dec 10
It it quite long that i did not write compositions. Let me try to explain what i remember and what my English teachers use to tell us and also few of my own experiences. I think most of the time, choices will be given for topics. You must really be carefully in choosing your topic. Teachers use to ask us to plan our composition before we start writing but during exam, we really won't get time. It is always better to plan it mentally. Think what subtopics you are going to include and arrange them logically. Three important parts are introduction, body and conclusion. Take time in writing a beautiful introduction and conclusion. Establish lots of platforms your body part of composition in introduction. Interpret them in the body. Include few paragraphs each of different subtopics in your body part. Take a firm stand in your conclusion and make readers believe in what you write. Don't make it so lengthy. Don't at all go out of topic. Don't try to use words for which you don't know the meaning. Write short sentences. Write about something that is of your interest and that you have experienced. Never try to attempt to write on a topic about which you are poorly informed. If it is a topic which need arguments, then take a firm stand and make up your mind. Argue with all your skill with facts and evidences. All the best!
@KMaroon (269)
• India
18 Dec 10
Hi KoAebryant I think it is a bit hard if your English is poor and it also depends on which topic you have to write the composition. To write a composition within in day take some important points from online related to the topic and practice them for your exam I think it would help you to write a composition within a short time.
@cssiduyz (1054)
• Indonesia
17 Dec 10
for exam tomorrow should you do a lot of learning about the English language so that you can do the problems could be solved tomorrow bagasa english and you can pass the examinations. because if there is no learning is not a difficult thing will be solved if we do not want the business.