What is a Coincidence?

@Victoria7 (1242)
September 1, 2006 4:32pm CST
I personally think that so many random things happen thru the day which are NOT coincidences that when something coincidental happens it is just the law of averages!! Has anyone experienced a really strange coincidence? I often try to phone people the same time they┬┤re calling me, so we both get an engaged line.
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@Spheria (181)
• United States
28 Nov 06
A 'coincidence' is just a term used for someone who doesn't believe it was something that happened for a reason. Whether or not it actually did happen for a reason, no one really knows, but for anyone who doesn't believe, then it is only a coincidence. I've had two experiences at a job where I used to work, where things happen, that if it was a coincidence, it was a really hard to believe it was not one. I used to work security and there were two times when I forget to lock a set of doors in this large mall. The first time I forgot, and then the manager of the store, accidentally hit is alarm of, and I had to run back up that way to see what was wrong, and there enough everything was okay, but right in front of me was the set of doors that I forgot to look. Only one time has that alarm went off, and only one time have i almost forgot to lock that set of door. The second time was when I forgot another door, and decide to go out my car to get something. With that route I had to precisely go pass that one and only door, and sure enough I locked it on the way. So are these just coincidences? Or law of averages? Maybe...maybe not.
• India
28 Nov 06
• United States
12 Sep 06
I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. I've experience many seemingly coincidence but then realized I had something to do with it. Like thinking about somebody you don't expect to see and then seeing them not long afterwards where you didn't expect to see them. My thoughts created the "coincidence" in those cases. :)