December 17, 2010 11:47pm CST
saw is a very good movie about psychopathic killers. i like that movie very much. the ways of killing that are used in that should be used to punish the criminals. this will create a fear in their minds and crimes will be reduced. what do you say?
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• Australia
24 Dec 10
Yea. The killing is creative. However, i think only killing methods invented by Jigsaw is useful against criminals.
• India
26 Dec 10
Yeah Jigsaw's methods are nice but the other methods should also be used to punish the criminals and the criminals should be punished publicly.
• India
18 Dec 10
you r rite
• India
19 Dec 10
I am surely right and these methods should be truly used for the criminals.
@peninpin (17)
• India
28 Oct 11
no yr that is not pair that psychopathic killing. its lead to blood and fleah. what will happen if you kill the crimals in minds blowing methodes that is other crime
• United States
16 Aug 11
I agree i wish there was a place in real live and can be done on halloween i love the movie i like them all i hope they keep them comming out with new chapters
• Philippines
18 Jul 11
I think you're right. The ways and methods used by jigsaw in those movies are very unique and scary at the same time fun to watch. I really do think about his ways very often. His ways also puts the killers to rest which can scare the criminals therefore lower the crime rate of the country. If only there's a real "jigsaw" in our country. =)
• United States
30 Jan 11
i think the methods of killing are really brutal. but the brutality is the fun in watching it. i think that (like you said) the use of these on criminals,kind of like it is used on in saw, should be done. maybe it would scare the criminals straight once in awile. but all around i like watching these movies just so see the killing methods and to really think about "wow what if that was me"