What exactly is family.

December 18, 2010 3:16pm CST
Watching over-dramtic soaps I started to wonder what would happen if some of these things happened in real life. So, a woman has a baby, but that baby is not her husbands biological son but her husband has been looking after this baby (unknowing that he is not the father.Legally on the birth certificate, he is thouhg) After a tragic accident, the mother dies and her husband finds out that the baby's real father is his best friend. The bio-dad doesnt want anything to do with him but the husban is sitting on the fence even though he loves the baby. Do you think that the husband deserves the baby?
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@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
19 Dec 10
hi,A family is a group of members consisting of Grandfather and grandmother..father and mother..brother and sister..son and daughter...grandchildren..[Known as Joint family,mostly seen in India]of course now it has turned to Nucleus family consisting of only wife and husband..one/two children.. For all activities..happiness and sorrowfulness...richness and poverty..head of the family is responsible.
19 Dec 10
That wasnt really the question. Read the description. And i disagree that 1 person brings in the happiness and riches!