breakfast for dinner?

United States
December 18, 2010 4:36pm CST
hi,do you ever eat breakfast at dinnertime?it is going on 5:00 in the evening here and,i just ate eggs and waffles.was yummy!so,you eat meals at wrong times of day?
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• India
9 Jan 11
I never do that intentionally but if the circumstance is like that then I cope up with the need and have my meal at different time. Initially i feel really hungry but after sometime, i dont even feel hungry. I have never done my breakfast at dinner time. But yes..sometime I have done my lunch at dinner time. Normally when I get lot of work at office and dont get enough time hav my lunch, I use to finish it at dinner time.
• United States
19 Dec 10
I hace no problem eating rice with scrambled eggs in the morning. I can eat pancakes for dinner. I like eating all kinds of food any time of fay. I have about 4 packs of waffles wit no syrup to eat them with so they are just sitting min my fridge.
• Philippines
19 Dec 10
Oh, thats normal for us here. Sometimes it also depends on our mood. There are also some shows that cooks breakfast for dinner. You just have to mix and match. Waffles and fruit and eggs are so yummy. :)
• United States
18 Dec 10
I am a traditional person who like breakfast at breakfast time. But I have had my moments and have eaten breakfast for dinner, especially if it only me at home. Matter fact it is 6pm and I have not had dinner so I may just have a bowl of cereal for dinner.