The truth about bullies

@katie0 (5212)
December 19, 2010 6:00am CST
I got bullied in high school and for 4 or 6 months i was terrified and didn't do anything. Until one day I realize i wasn't afraid of dying, being beat up and i stand up for my self. Since 13 years old I know bullies are the most CO-W-A-R-D people in the whole world. They and pedophilies. All cruel people are very coward, they don't do that on day light, with someone that stand up for their selves, they seek for someone that seems very pacific. It was a cruel one year but the bullies thought me actually how to defend my self. There's a seed of courage in each one of us and we don't know about that. Sometimes life corner us and we have no where to go but ahead, and that's when heroism happens. Stand up for your bullies and for others who are suffering bullying, be a hero. Change the world.
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@zaga_cleuth (1409)
• Philippines
19 Dec 10
Well, that is really a good way for you to learn. Bullies start when they have someone to bully. Yup. Those people are scared inside. They want to look God or Mighty to anybody so that nobody will fight against them. I like your attitude that you use it for good. Good luck.