Pay day 20.12.2010

@alokijon (665)
December 19, 2010 7:06pm CST
I am sure that for all the government servants in Malaysia are the smiling ones today because today is the pay day. We have been waiting for this particular day because our wallet/purse is getting empty and empty. As for me, it is funny actually... the reality is that before the money goes to my personal bank account the amount has been deducted for many things such as the tax, EPF, study loan, insurance etc. After that the exact amount in my account I have to pay for a lot of things plus some amount of money for my parent. As usual money will be never enough and it is for me to manage it properly before another pay day. In term of saving, yes I do join the ASB-Maybank saving scheme. Why I choose this kind of saving? One of the reasons is it will force me to save and the second reason is the dividend is quite high per annum which is never less than 6% and that is before we adding the bonus. I am a person that live my life from payday to another payday. I am neither rich nor poor... and I am so thankful for that because everytime I think of me for not having enough money I will always remind myself that there are other people are even worse than me...I only pray to God that in what ever circumstances, He will always there to help and assist me.The spirit is strong but the body is weak.. hehehhee
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