X-factor's format

Calgary, Alberta
December 20, 2010 1:20am CST
I dol seemed to be Jumping the Shark so Foc decided to franchise that is owned by Simon Cowell. Simon's own created show launched Leona's lewis's career is going to have an American version. Its going to be the X-factor. Unlike Idol in this contest the judges train the contestant and the elimination wotn be 100% in people's hands, I think 50% of the elimination process will be from the judges so 12 year old girls wont control the show again, One of the complaints about Idol is how the show is controlled by the 12 year old girls audience, Who always vote for the cute guy.. In X-factor the judges have a say. X-factor will have no age limit from 14 year old to infinity is the age limit, Plus some of contestants wont be solo artist but singing groups that will be counted as 1 person. Each judges train a certain category of contestants, Lets say Simon train the teenage girls Judge 2 trains the teenage boys Judge 3 trains the adults Judge 4 trains the singing groups (bands, trios,duos, Girlbands,boybands choir) The fun part of this contest.... you can eliminate judges... Yes if a certain Judge runs out of protege that Judge is out.... Other stuff from X-factor, contestants can have bands, orchestra and back up dancers in their performance if they want to. X-factor replaced Idol in UK and many countries. Do you think it can replace Idol for Americans.
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@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
8 Jan 11
who knows...it sounds interesting and i agree that eliminating of contestants should not depends on audience votes only, judges should have part on it as well. so with this show the audience can also eliminate judges? it sounds like our local show here...you know showtime! i think this show will do good because its like a combination of different shows, well it sounds like dream academy to me and showtime...(our local shows)
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• Calgary, Alberta
9 Jan 11
I think they decided to resort to this because Idol is controlled by 12 year old girls who just vote for the cute guy in the last few seasons. Which is really accurate that most of the said were from, tween girls who just votes but doesn't buy albums. They also want to get the adult and male audience too. I think it doesnt appeal much for the male audience since the type of contestants male audience likes are eliminated due tot he voting power of little girls. I'm not stereotyping but there is a finding majority of of voters are little girls to teenage girls. boys,men and women dont vote much.