Mechanical over digital watches

@rog0322 (2833)
Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
December 20, 2010 2:56am CST
Hi my fellow Lotters, This has been bugging me since my co-workers noticed that I keep time by an automatic mechanical watch. I know it has a ten second per 24 hour discrepancy but I make it a point to set it every 72 hours to keep zero second accuracy with reliable timekeeping stations such as or I have a fondness for mechanical timepieces in spite of their idiosyncrasies due to their timeless and enduring capabilities. One problem that I have with digital watches are the batteries that I have to replace every now and then. I don't want a watch keeps changing batteries or running on electricity for that matter. They may run true to a second for a month but they really can't replace the appeal of mechanical timepieces. Maybe it's due to my mechanical inclinations that I have for them. I just can't take the idea that mechanical timepieces are not accurate. I'll have to convince them at work that my time keeping method is as accurate as their digital ones. Please share your ideas guys, I need them. Maybe I'll go digital in the future if you can convince me.
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@salonga (27952)
• Philippines
23 Sep 11
Golden Watch - Wrist watch
I don't really mind whether my watch is digital or mechanical. I know both of them can deliver the time whenever I need to know anyway so I have both mechanical and digital watches in my collection. It is not whether mechanical or digital which matters most to me but I am actually primarily after the design of the watch. I want my watch to match my taste for fashion. So when I wear watch whether it be mechanical or digital you can be sure that I wear it because it matches my apparel, the occasion, and my mood for the day.
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