is student life an enjoyable one with exams?

December 20, 2010 6:14am CST
I vote it is enjoyable one you we forget our worries we do not have worries as a student exams it is enjoyable with lot of bits, ye love to be a students it is the life of paradise
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• Philippines
11 Apr 11
Exams make life's student meaningful. Without it, he will not experience challenge.
@samaveda (25)
• India
26 Dec 10
The student period especially when one is in middle school and high school can be said as golden period in our lives. We don't have family responsibilities, worries. We simply very eager to go early morning, that is half an hour earlier and play games with other friends and attend assembly, afterwards enter classrooms, give attendance then start listening lessons. At that time we have in our mind to gain grades. whenever we get first mark , that gives satisfaction and improves our selfconfidence.Those are the days we can enjoy. The homeworks never bother. we feel satisfied when we finish our homework. We love some teachers, some subjects, some friends. we do have favourates. The anual day celebrations, winning prizes, oh! very nice to enjoy, Remembering the studentlife days is a thrill.
@pokumon (647)
• United States
21 Dec 10
It really depends on the class for me. Last semester I took two really easy classes so exams were quite a breeze although I was falling asleep in one of them. After I came back home, I fell asleep and I woke up with it dark and thought for a moment oh sh*t I missed my exam! Then I remembered taking it and it was fine. I can't wait to see my grades. I think I got straight As. I'm not excited about the exams next term though because two classes absolutely terrify me, Electricity and Magnetism and Developmental Biology. I haven't a clue in either class. I once had a panic attack during my Differential Equations midterm exam and I got a whopping 12.5% because I was just freaking out for 4 hours and picked the wrong questions to do. It sucks because I could have gotten an A in the class otherwise.
@dodo19 (33043)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
20 Dec 10
Right now, I am a university student, and I really can't say that I enjoy exams. Exams are the part of student life that I really don't like. I do enjoy being a student for the most part, except when it comes to exams.
@kanchan10 (3066)
• Kolkata, India
20 Dec 10
if u say student life then it is the most memorable part of my life.exams are a nightmare. remembering those days gives me such a pleasure that i can give those exams a bye