Do you have indian scarf with coins?

@Suggar (3612)
December 20, 2010 8:06am CST
This is a question mostly for girls, it's about the scarf with coins, as the topic says. I was never interested in clothes and accessories, but soon one guy ordered a video where i'll dance with scarf with fake coins on it. While i was trying to find where can i buy the that scarf from, i understood that in my own country, where the most popular music is ethno, you can't find same kinds of scarf so easy. Girls use that kind of scarfs putting them on their waist, while they dance. That's how the scarf is making little funny sound and it's interesting, when the girls are rolling their waist. Now i started to think how nice accessory is that and how dancing is much more funny with it instead of without it I'll try to put picture under the discussion and at the same time i would like to say that this accessory can be used as normal scarf and would be very interesting
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@asyria51 (2870)
• United States
20 Dec 10
I bought one when i was in Egypt. Belly dancing has become popular as an exercise class, and some even put on shows. I do not seem to have the coordination to do th belly dancing well.
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
20 Dec 10
Belly dancing is too difficult for me too, i tried to learn by myself, but it can't be learned so easy, because of it's hard technical dancing. But the craft is enjoyable in other dancing too, so i use it, anyway with pleasure Thanks for sharing.
• China
29 Jul 11
As to belly dance, it isn't only dancing, it is a good health sports. there are so many beautiful belly dance costumes, you can link this website as reference (
• Philippines
20 Dec 10
I think you are talking about belly dancing and the accessories for that can be found on this site (not a ref link). It is a dance originated in Turkey and some parts of the Middle East. Belly dancing is a form of art as they say and they find it as a way to tone down. There are parts of India that practices that but I haven't scouted here in Mumbai but I can see those stuffs a lot. In terms of scarfs, pashminas and textile clothes, India is really vast for production.
• India
24 Aug 11
Here in india, they are so common, the belly dancers use them, they glitter in light and the little bells produce sound, when they move the belly very fast.. Thanks for sharing Best of luck. Professor