Is Japan already open to the Christian religion?

December 20, 2010 1:10pm CST
Before Christianity entered the country now called the United States, Christianity has entered the Japanese state. Christianity was first introduced in Japan in the 16th century by the Jesuits and later by Franciscan missionaries. At the end of the century, there are approximately 300,000 people are baptized Japan. Unfortunately, the promising situation began opposed by other missionary groups and political intrigues that come from the Spanish and Portuguese, as well as political parties, the Japanese government itself. As a result, Christians were persecuted. His first victim was 6 and 20 Franciscan monk who converts crucified in Nagasaki on February 5, 1597. After the tolerance of Christians who only lasted for some time, many Christians who were arrested, imprisoned, or persecuted and killed, and the church was forced underground in 1630. Even so, when Japan began to open up to western countries 250 years after the incident, it appeared that the Japanese Christian community still survive below ground, without a pastor and gospel, they survive only with a simple instruction about their faith, but with firm faith believe that Jesus is their savior. The church began to grow again after Commodore Perry opened Japan with the fleet from America. Missionary poured into Japan. However, during World War II, so suspicious of Christians and Westerners, the Japanese government led Christians to Nagasaki. Ironically, the countries most responsible for evangelizing the people of Japan, even the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki and killed many Christians. Even so, there are still people who are dedicated Christians in Japan, and the church continues to grow
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12 Jan 11
Japanese famous in the history of the Catholic Church as one of the most violent place when eradicate followers of Christ (the events that you tell it I have ever read.) News ferocity until in Mexico at the time, so that one of the cathedral in Mexico (sorry I forgot where I had read about the Great Ship Philippines - - The Philippines Galleon, which sailed between India,Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and on to Mexico), there reliks which describes the brutal torture in Japan.
21 Dec 10
While Christianity does exist is Japan, it's still a very small religion. I go to a Japanese church in California, and pretty much everyone in my church family became Christian after coming here. Most of them will go back to Japan at some point, and have to struggle with being Christian and keeping faith in a place where Christianity is very little known. It's hard to say whether Japan is 'open' to the idea of Christianity, since I've never been there, but from what I've heard they seem accepting of it, at the very least.
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21 Dec 10
yes, there are christmas trees for about 10 years or more thank God, that was weird before