Tipping point: How much do you give?

@kellys3ps (3726)
United States
December 20, 2010 4:15pm CST
With the holiday season in full swing - many of us are in the gifting mode, but when it comes to treating those who work for us throughout the year (hairdresser, paper boy,etc.) many become muddled with exactly how much (if any)to tip. What are your feelings about this? Who do you tip? Who do you gift? And who do you skip?
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• Ecuador
20 Dec 10
Theres always in Christmas the spirit of giving. I think everyone is a little bit more generous than other times of the year. People gift just because is Christmas. I am not the difference, I also give to the people I love, but there's the problem, some of us just give to the people we love, that means we do not love the other people, and that is bad for us, cause the Bible says that we must love any other person, that's a commandment of God.
@yumcookie (146)
• United States
20 Dec 10
That's kind of hard to be honest. Considering I don't have much of a social tie with other people other than family and friends I couldn't really say what to do. If had done so I wouldn't give an extra tip just because it was the holidays. Some might find it offensive if you do because there might be chance that they don't celebrate the holidays at all. There are some religions that forbid celebrating any holidays, if this person is in this religion than they would feel guilty having to decline you of the gift you offer. Just something to keep in mind. If you plan on giving a gift make sure the person celebrates the holiday.
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
20 Dec 10
Hello Kelly, i know that in some countries tips are as unwritten rule, but not here. People here give tips in the restaurants and coffee shops only if they want to. This is the reason it's up to the person, who is ordering something, to make choice. I think that if the people are working on stable salary, clients don't need to tip them for doing their job. Kind of appreciation here is if you visit same place again and again, because that person will got more work and it will show his boss that the same person needs little bigger salary for the work he is done.