Stop asking how to hack people and look here

December 20, 2010 8:23pm CST
Hi people 1: Remember it no one will help you if you dont do your own research. 2: No one will risk to get caught for you. 3: Learn About everything that are internet related 4: Learn about term like DDoS, DoS, SE, Buffer overflow , Stack overflow, Phreaking etc. 5: Learn How linux works 6: Learn about logs wipe and where logs are in linux 6-2: Learn about Mysql injection 6-3: Learn about web script (like php script) vulnerability 6-4: Learn How to do SE in the good way 7: Learn C++ 8: Learn ASM 9: Learn About dicover vulnerability and how to code an exploit 10: Dont get caught 11: I cant be responsable about whats you do with whats i say 12: And dont ask me to teach you how to hack because the answer is i will never do that make your own research
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