amphibious fish?

December 20, 2010 9:26pm CST
I meet some amphibious fish when I fishing, and I add to the others for complete it.check it out!! 1. Walking Catfish read it on : 2. Snakehead read it on : 3.Eel Catfish read it on : 4. Climbing Gourami read it on : 5. Mudskipper read it on : 6. Rockskipper read it on : 7. Wooly Sculpin read it on : have you ever meet one of fish above? they are really walking on the ground? what your opinion? THANKS
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@msdivkar (1903)
• India
21 Dec 10
Two types of species mentioned above are found in our area. Walking catfish is similar to the one found in fresh water ponds in our area except for the fins at the center and near the tail. The fish, as is explained in Wikipedia, does not actually walk but propel themselves on marshy land with the help of their fins with snake like movement. This fish normally breeds in fresh water ponds being amphibians they have got the ability to stay hidden in the crevices with little water when the pond gets dried up. When the rainy season sets up and the ponds are flooded they move all over the place even in small streams upland and when these streams dry up they have got the ability to walk on the dry ground. Another fish we come across is Mudskipper. It is commonly found in brackish waters, the swamps formed by the tidal effects on river side. They walk on the ground with the help of their fins. Similar to snakehead type of fish is also found in the fresh water ponds in our area. Other types of fish are not found in our area.
• Indonesia
21 Dec 10
where do you life msdivkar? glad to heard your experience.
• China
21 Dec 10
It's a pity that you say these fish I haven't seen ,common in addition to eat fish ,can't see!