What Would you Buy For Christmas?

December 21, 2010 5:34am CST
I've been wondering what to buy for Christmas? i want to give myself a good merry Christmas gift.. if you were in my part what would you buy to make you happy this holidays?? also i want to give my mother a thank you gift? what would you recommend? thankz..
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• United States
21 Dec 10
I don't know what to say you should get her what she likes. I can tell you what I got my mother maybe it will remind you of something who knows. My mother loves to read so I bought her her favorite show in a book. The little house on the prarie. She wants to lose weight so I got her a weight watchers cook book. She loves dooney and burke handbags so I got her a brown one. She needed a new cutting board so she got that too. She love white diamond perfume and I bought her the set. She needed a new hamper so I bought that too. She needed a coat and she got that too. She likes hand soap and lotions so she got that too. I hope you have some idea of what you can get her soon. I wanted some glasses for my new apartment so that is what I bought myself.
• Philippines
21 Dec 10
wow.. thanks for the idea.. merry Christmas!!
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
28 Dec 10
I have had a great christmas this year. I've got the best christmas gift without having to spend on anything! I managed to see most of my old friends, and i'm really happy. It's been more than 5 years since i last saw them all, and the gathering on christmas brings so much fun and memory. Nothing beats being with them, talking about the past and the memory we all had, is the best gift.