life need to success

December 22, 2010 12:16am CST
Hi,every one.My first time to join here i hope will help me to know about here.Life need to success ,it is not to discourage,but to left up a person that weak in life to live.
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• India
24 Apr 11
yeah life needs success without it one can't go further but sometimes some incidents make you discourage about yourself and disappoint too but only the eligible ones makes their life success with confidence and determination
24 Apr 11
in deed !! 'failure is the pillar of success', 'try try until u die', 'get rich or die trying' !LOL! just kidding welcome to my lot and have fun simple advice 'if u think something just ask, create a discussion on it' that is how it grows welcome again
• United States
27 Dec 10
Hi how are you? Hope you enjoy being here on My Lot it has become one of my favorite sites!! It is a lot of fun getting to chat with people from all over starting and responding to different discussions is awesome! Have a good day and Happy My Lotting!!
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
Indeed. Life is full of twists and whenever you feel down or week, always make it a reason for you to go up and be strong.
• Brunei Darussalam
26 Dec 10
Hi, welcome to MyLot...yeap life need to be success, by this...all person shouldn't be weak since he/she has own purpose of life:-)
@koyeesan (19)
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
Yes indeed, they say every life has it's own purpose. Well if we have goals then we should attain it to say it was a success. It doesn't mean that if your weak you will be left behind. It mean that take advantage of your weaknesses make it a reson to learn and achieve something, then if you've reached it, it is success in it sweetest. Hey fella welcome!
@nestle11 (86)
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
Hi char27! Welcome to myLot. I am also new here. :) You have a positive outlook in life. That's very good to hear. We all have our missions in life that need to be fulfilled. I hope that you find yours and succeed!
@debora88 (22)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 10
Many people who want success in life but most people do not like it. why?? because they do not have a belief that they can be successful but with confidence,and strive and determination,they can generate success in their lives. :-)