Perfect love

@cssiduyz (1054)
December 22, 2010 6:00pm CST
If love has to unite hearts are restless, then there would be no beauty that is always felt, and when love has come back, even this self is like a helpless deer for the hunter's spear thrust, then jiwapun will never be able to avoid temptation, and whispers of love, as strong as any self attempted to break away from jeratanya then all that's in vain, because the power of love is stronger than all the strength, or if the love was never present it can not force tuk diripun present in the liver, and anything as strong as myself try to bring the love that never comes then it will be in vain, because the power of love is stronger than all the strength, and love itself also comes with freedom rather than coercion.
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
2 Jun 11
The power of love is the power of purity ...,, which dissolves all impurities, leaving only what is true and real.'' As long as you're afraid, you can not really love. As long as anger gates, you can not really love. As long as you feel selfish, you can not really love. No matter how you are impure, love and work will look on you until you could love. Love looking for dirt and burn them. There is no person to love, there are only people who can not feel the power of love. Springing from its source universal, love gets in everything. To receive love, one must first give. To be sure that another person loves you unconditionally, and you should not put any condition. To learn to love another, you must love yourself first. Life can seem completely devoid of love, but rather regards the eye of the world, outside''is that it deprives a man of love. The first step toward gaining that complete look of love, of your life lies motionless in a redefinition of what we now call it love. Many of us believe that love is an attraction for someone else, a nourishing force that makes us feel that we keep that person, the force that takes the form of pleasures, or pleasures of a strong feeling or emotion. Although love is an aspect of all these definitions, they are only partial definitions. This kind of love comes and goes, moves from an object of desire to another, quickly turns to hate when desires are thwarted. True love does not change, has nothing to do with an object and can not turn into another emotion, because emotion does not exist to begin with. Mortals live agitation, restlessness and anxiety when you love ... if you can not have what they love, they feel that they would die. But love can make you not anxious, not true love because she never seek to stand out. The object desired and loved is just an extension of yours. Love that you think you'd get from other shows a limitation of your consciousness.