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December 23, 2010 1:00am CST
Hey guys...I am not a noob in runescape(actually i am lvl 65) but the thing is that I've been having some troubles while training runecrafting...could someone help me please??? Right now I am at level 40 an d i want to take it up to 50...could you post some tips?? thanks!!
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5 Feb 11
Hey, I'm not goign to brag, but I have been playing runescape successfully for several years. I probably know everything there is to know about runescape. For runescrafting, there are several ways to train that skill. Depending on your level, you can craft different amounts of runes from rune essense, and different types of runes from rune essense. The higher level that is required to craft the rune, the more exp you get. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that either body or earth runes yield the most exp when crafting the runes. Since you are looking for fast exp, I can offer 2 methods in f2p. First of all, you can craft the tiaras themselves. This is the best way to get exp, but the most expensive as well. For this method, you will buy the plain tiaras and the talismans of the rune you want to craft the tiara into. So if you want to create an air tiara, Bring a tiara and an air talisman. Use them on the air altar, and you will get an air tiara. This gives much more exp than rune essense, but it is extremely expensive. The next method is an alternative. It might take a bit more time, but is much more cost efficient. There is a minigame you might have heard of, Fist of Guthix. In this minigame, you will receive tokens as the result of a win, loss, or draw. Whatever the outcome, you will receive tokens, unless you have quit the game. Once you have received enough tokens, you can claim rewards. There are f2p rewards you can claim, and some of them are runecrafting gloves. While wearing these gloves, they will double your exp earned per rune crafted. It is a cheap and more fun method. However, the gloves do not last forever, and this will take longer, as I had mentioned earlier. I hope I have helped. Good luck!
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14 Feb 11
Or, to make the process to go much faster, you can always camp at the altars and give assistance or buy people's unnoted rune ess and then give them 2k + noted ess... But, this requires some money...
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15 Feb 11
Of course, this was after the update. Now, after the free trade update, you can do this process. Process: 1. Say "Open ____" In _____ say how much you are willing to offer for a full inventory of rune essence. 2. People trade you, and you craft the runes immediately. This saves running time, and overall exp rates. However, it is unprofitable, and will make you lose money in exchange for more exp.
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20 Feb 11
But, if you are willing to do it all for the exp, then you shouldn't really worry about the money. Just carry about 10mil and camp at the air altar. It should give you a lot of exp.
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27 Dec 10
You could buy a whole lot of Rune essence and just use the Varrock Air Altar... It is pretty simple and easy...
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31 Dec 10
I've been trying this method but it's just too boring and I have leveled only 6 levels(I was lvl 36 and I am now 42) in 1 entire week.... it's a hard skill
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14 Jan 11
Lol, that's why I multitask, it gets rid of the "boring"-ness of the skill.
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1 May 11
i would obtain some earth runecrafting gloves from fist of guthix, equip your exploreres ring (makes a few extra runes sometimes)and grind it out making earth runes. thats how i did it (thats all for f2p though)
9 Jan 11
I'm going to go ahead and assume you are free to play, not a member. As someone who got level 66 runecrafting free to play, i understand the pain you're going to have to endure doing this. Be prepared... Buy around 10,000-12,000 rune essence on the grand exchange, and an air tiara, and do trips between varrock west bank and the air altar just west of varrock. level 40-50 will take around 4-5 hours and a lot of rune essence.
@uath13 (8207)
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24 Dec 10
I suggest you work you way along. Whenever you level up & acquire a new type of rune you can make or greater multiple rune move to making that one. Runecrafting is one of the slowest most tedious skills to level so expect a lot of long boring runs. Look for ways to multitask. Is there another resource you can gather as you leave the alter? The earth alter has yew trees by it & the fire & nature alters have a mines you could utilize on the return trip.