How to understand people?

December 23, 2010 5:29am CST
i really dont know how to understand a person.. in this fake world u just cant trust anyone.. theres something hidden in their mind.. they are different from how they behave in person.. it is so strange that peeople who knw each other since many years still finds it difficult to understand each other.. do peoples attitude keeps changing? at tym u feel that person is nice, mature n broadminded and after few years that person changes n become rude, immature and narrowminded.. God.. how strange people are!!!!!!!!!!!
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@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
30 Jan 11
Hello to you! Let me tell you how i do it. I listen to them, i make them feel confortable talking with me. To understand people is not easy, not all people can do it. I try to picture the things that someone tells me, and i try to think of me in that situation, what would i do? I try to think what would my actions, or my feelings would be if i were him/her.
@lasitck (40)
29 Dec 10
yea its really difficult to understand people in this fake world.Others might too struggle to identify your self.Thats nature and thats one of the challenges that you have to face in your life.Read some novels then you will be able to identify characters in this world.This cruel world might change peoples altitudes every time.Even you could be an victim of that in someday ,some time.I think you have to be wise as well.That is what i learnt from my life.Try to talk to people in bus,party,ground,college or what ever place and try to improve your people understanding skills
@anitoton (390)
• Kolkata, India
23 Dec 10
no not all the peoples are strange..but most of have to find them out..find them on basis of their help,co operation.a friend in need is a friend in have to use your startegy to find a good is a war.and war can not be won a single life is with some good mates.two is better than one.