what do you like college or high school?

December 23, 2010 6:43am CST
i like them both, i had many beautiful experiences. i enjoy school a lot even most of the school days i am pressure, tense and nervous..
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
15 May 11
Both of them had their plusses and their minuses. I really think that there was a sort of zany wackiness that was charming about high school. Let's just say that I went some characters that were really interesting and made the school day, both more frustrating, but also slightly interesting, with their antics. I think that if there was a reality show made during my high school days, it might be a trainwreck, but it would be an entertaining one. However, there was a little too much wasted time and repetitive material in High School. I kept going around and around, in an attempt to make sense of why we were being taught a lot of material about two or three times over. College is far more to the point and I am thankful to that. There is less messing around. There is a part of me who misses my High School Days, but there is another part of me, who is glad to put them behind me.
• Philippines
23 Dec 10
I also like both since memories from those two are worth remembering (though I forget stuffs a lot. LOL). The thing about high school is "playtime". You have time to pay when you are in college but you are older and it's not so good if other people will see you playing kid's games. I love the class schedules in college. We can choose the time of our classes and and vacant hours. XD
@debs90 (547)
• India
23 Dec 10
I also like school more due to some great memories and some awesome friends.....