Finding a Man that fits your Qualifications

United States
December 24, 2010 3:29pm CST
It is good that Mariah is having twins but it is too bad that should could not fine a better man to marry. I had not heard of her husband and since she married him the gossip Internet sites have been saying lots of bad things about this guy. They are calling him a gold digger, he just wants her money and that he is too young for her. She was already married before she got pregnant. Other singers and actress have gotten pregnant then gotten married I do not understand what is up with that. I wish her the best and think that the marriage wont last at least not too much longer. Celebrities should wait to get to know the person first but they go from one relationship to the next. They should take a minute before moving on. Should they get over it or just get on?
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@fgb_fritz (278)
• Philippines
25 Dec 10
well that is her life, lives of celebrities are very complicated i think marriage is a sacred thing they wouldn't married if they dont feel love to each other maybe they really love each other today but later... i dont know the best thing to do.. don't mind them!! but think of our family instead :)
• United States
25 Dec 10
Some people today are rushing into commitment before they are actually ready and or prepared for the full commitment. Celebrities are no exception as they feel simply because they have the money nothing else truly matters. As they get married and divorce yet even quicker.