What an insane couple of days I've had.

December 24, 2010 7:44pm CST
Yesterday and today have been some odd days for me, so close to Christmas, but strange all the same. Yesterday, there were a ton of cars pulling up on our street, I thought it was a church service, but I was wrong. It was a huge funeral. On my way down to work, I drove by a pedestrian who had been struck by a car. Thankfully, someone had already called for help as I found out as I called it in. A bus in front of me was losing a casement on its tail light, so after finding the right number, I called that in, hoping that someone would get at it before it fell off the bus and caused some damage. Today, my boss noticed that one of my tires was pretty soft. I didn't think much of it until someone told me at a mall that it was almost flat. Sure enough, it was pretty much flattened to the rim. I had an air pump with me and pumped it up a few times. While at a store, it went completely flat. I had to inflate it yet again. I was getting tired of this, and called one of my roommates to see if he could get a number for a garage close to home. He was leaving though and couldn't do it. So I called my other roommate and had him look up the number. The phone rang and rang, no one was there. So we drove to a garage that was open 24/7, but they wanted an outrageous price for a tire, and I decided to call my usual garage to see if they were open. They were, and they had a tire for me, for about half the price that I was quoted at the previous garage. We left and went to that one, and were out in about 20 minutes with a good used tire, and I could finally go home. So much for my Christmas bonus, most of it went on this tire. My boss went to the bank to get me money to pay for this, when I looked at the receipt from the machine, it said I had $26 in the account, which I knew was clearly wrong. So when I finally got home, I checked my balance, and there was more money there than the receipt said, so there was clearly something wrong with the machine's information. I got home, and I knew I needed to cash my pay checks, and decided to go out to do so. The traffic was insane just north of my place and I had to get gas. Got to the gas station, put $10 in the tank, and was about to leave when someone came up needing air for a flat tire. I told her that I had a portable pump she could use, it would save her from trying to find a station with a pump and having to pay for air. I did a great deed for someone and she and her family were extremely greatful. An interesting couple of days for sure, ones to remember for sure.
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@GardenGerty (102516)
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28 Dec 10
When the weather turns bad we all need to help each other out. Things wear out and break down and accidents happen. I like to deal with the same people all the time as they do treat you right. It sounds like you had a very full week.