After learning about Freemasonry, Was already know about Iluminati ..?

@gengeni (3308)
December 25, 2010 1:29am CST
About iluminati, Brown has a distinguished debut book which was wrong, and lagi2 he wanted his book criticizing the Catholic church such as da Vinci code. Iluminati is the upper echelon freemason freemason named long before in France in the 17th century. Iluminati is a higher power and more sadistic again with the agenda of the New World orders freemason .. see George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were both Iluminati, refer to one U.S. dollar imaginable picture inside the pyramid and the eye shines like the Egyptian god Ra myth is designed by members of freemason. Not even freemason allowed by the church, but many Catholics who do not know this and still join. Ilumati is confined communism and socialist long before the concept of Karl Marx and also they are the first who founded the brotherhoood Union workers at the French revolution which gave birth to secular, very secular and anti-church, in the U.S. they are who masterminded agenda2 ACLU. So .. Watch out it is evil with the power and strength in numbers! .. And once again with the accusation that the Church follow the system ... Is the other freeemason Biggest hoax like da Vinci code. Do not be consumed agenda orang2 who change their views with a distinguished history simantik them. That's all it is just simantcis!, Backed by secularists empty rhetoric Because of how, following the teachings of the Church, the Church would oppose them, because the vision and mission is to destroy the Catholic Church .. although plans were not only attacked the Catholics, but all religions. but the arch-rivals only the Catholic Church .. Can see here click: Index aller Seiten, then click: Irrlehren and click: "Der Plan zur freimaurerische Zerstörung Katholischen der Kirche" which means "freemanson plan to destroy the Catholic Church" And because many of the Anti-Christ and Anti-Catholic Church .. and if they are included there are members or sympathizers Fremasonry and Iluminate? hehehehe So Are you guys, especially the users Catholic / Christian already knew about Freemasonry and Iluminati?
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