Did you all know about the views of the Church on Freemasonry?

@gengeni (3308)
December 25, 2010 1:40am CST
Well this view of the Church of Freemansory .. Freemasonry is very dangerous because they do not have a definite identity. Which is referred to their properties with the Jewish people will provide the Torah and the Gospel Christians and Muslims they provide quran etc. ... Usually they always show their social nature through anggota2nya who are bottom of the hierarchy, such as 16 degrees down and who were the lackeys are so called aprentis, women should not follow, and now they have held many other organizations such as the Eastern Star for women, Lions club, Shriners, Rotary, YMCA / YWCA as an example. Freemasons are very secretive, always close to the wealthy or powerful who plays like Madonna who is approached through the Cabala or joseph smith with Mormonism, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler himself is included in the 30 degrees or more which means they are important people in this organization, will but never know who is who pemimipinnya. Freemasons have an agenda to mastering the world and entered into a new trust which is called with the new world order, in fact they have satanic rituals and blood sacrifices, but it is difficult to prove because of their secretive nature to members of degrees above though. Pope Leo XIII had issued Ensikli Humanum Genus titled special on freemason ... and forbids all Catholics with the threat eksomunikasi when a member joins or join freemason. Pope said: "It's impossible to be a Catholic and a freemason at the same time!" because so many astray freemason and actually is the antichrist. Freemasons will always show the outer shell which seems well in secular and social hal2, but the agenda and position on the degree of is very anti-God. Freemasonry is far more dangerous than any doctrine. And accusations that the Church mengiktui freeemason system is the other such hoaxes Biggest hehehehe da Vinci code, do not change the people who consumed the agenda of view distinguished history with their simantik ... that's all it is just simantcis, distinguished secularists backed by empty rhetoric. Joseph Smith is the founder of Mormonism 1830 in Palmyra, New York and not capitalism which later he became a freemason in the U.S. murder victim because JS did not want to preserve nature masonians Low Profile. Finally, he follows several upper echelon LDS (latter day saints) were killed by people who they believe is freemason, too much use of LDS doctrine and teachings is the evolution of freemason ... Mormonism for studying religion can we know better .... however, they are distinguished heretical teachings of which was lost. Freemasonry has existed since the beginning of KS because they are the opposition's history of safety = evil and therefore must exist in the same form with the name of the other. Who recorded the history of the devil as God's people who have been recording the history of salvation as the Bible. Freemasonry is distinguished history of opposition to the economic record of safety ..... of course they are since the beginning of KS. This is not speculation but a reality .. see who is building the tower of Babel or the house of God which Solomon built? = mason masons union ...... So Are you guys, especially the users Catholic / Christian already know about Freemasonry?
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