@gengeni (3308)
December 25, 2010 2:36am CST
Hi all, What are the benefits of agriculture, especially in the social field? thanks have a nice day
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@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
25 Dec 10
Hi,You can gothrough this info.... Among all ancient human milestones (e.g. creation of fire, hunting, pottery-making, etc.), it was agriculture that ultimately paved the way for the establishment of civilization. The scientific planting of crops and farming of land necessitated groups of people - who once led nomadic lifestyles - to settle on permanent territories to constantly nurture the soil. Eventually, communities grew around these areas followed in due course by the formation of governments. It was during the Neolithic Period that our ancestors shifted from hunting and gathering, to food-production. Technically referring only to the production of soil-based food, agriculture now includes animal husbandry. What makes agriculture so beneficial to society and such an innovation, as opposed to the arbitrary gathering of wild plants, is the cycle of cultivation, harvesting and processing that is integrated with it. Bye.