Do you feel affraid betwee dispute? Why?

@visavis (5945)
December 25, 2010 2:50am CST
In my present job abroad our office are composed of various nationality, we have Egyptians, Saudi, Jordanian and Filipino's. We are aware that complex characters and different ideology are very difficult to understand to each other. Our CEO is Jordanian, the project manager is Jordanian also. I don't have any ideas that these two managers are having own dispute between them. The project manager came in the office early because his children will bring up to school everyday. Everytime this manager came to the office wearing his house cloth only then after puching his attentance he going back to his house to change the clothes and coming office again after 2-3 hours. On time our CEO came early in one morning which he found the project manager wearing such clothes, he angry and said not appropraite for the office. So starting question on me if such action of manager all ways doing every day - I told him (CEO) yes and I told also the time coming back. That issue brouth by our CEO to Managing director which cause the project manager give a warning. This manager came to me and told that I'm the one who ruin the situation, I did not tell anything instead I go to the CEO and tell what happened. The CEO said it not my fault instead I'm doing my job and don't worry. How about you? Do you experience same situation that sombody blaming you despite your doing your job and truth? If you have share to us...... we are happy to hear your share... see you around
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
25 Dec 10
hello friend, I haven't encountered dispute like yours till now. But i been disputing some things with my work,like late log in and working hours dispute on salary. I received on my (CCMS) communications that i was late for 5 minutes. I checked on that day and find out that,it's not my fault. Our team requested for a double break/(2 hours break) since it's low call that time (low call means,few customers online) So,i told my supervisor about it and she responded to each of our team who received such email and have it retracted from our communications. And one more dispute i did is,when i received my salary last month,and upon checking my staffed time find out that i was losing 2 days of payment. I went to the HR office and submitted my case ,and received the 2 days loss last 20th of this month. The good thing with my company is,we are allowed to dispute everything/anything that we are not satisfied of,dispute in civil manner of course. Our company always listens ,that's the good thing with it. And,one more thing is...there is no big bosses when it comes to human rights ..our company always believes in every human rights... We don't even call boss ,sir or mam here...we call everyone by it's name (AMERICAN boss,no sir ma'm ) HAPPY HOLIDAY