Is this, one-a fact that can not be sued by Jehova Witnesses ...?

@gengeni (3308)
December 25, 2010 3:06am CST
A little picture of the Bible translation NWJW .. Talk to their holy books to be translated, and recognized the most correct, we can peel a bit here .. Please respond with a positive .. Try asking one of the original manuscripts are the facts New Pernajian which they use to translate? Of course want it fixed though sources culprit is the script which is found in one place or who dig down in history. Is there evidence? Zero .. Do we think they have a script tiba2 simply buy the market?, Whether they have land or a quarry in east central Greece, Europe etc and found the manuscript which the subject of translation ... hehehe ..:) And where they are archaeological sites, from where they get the manuscript? Did they have been and never get the script at all? Once again the New Word translation says JW is a false and arbitrarily without any basis or using skolar KS .. As an example of why the sentences and grammar NIV can be included in their translation? is a fact of plagiarismenya who become witnesses and falsifying evidence they, just like the Book of Mormon-full of mistakes which is only found in English versions as the KJV and other versions. These are facts that can not be sued! So .. everything is propaganda, just like an alien cult in Quebec, Canada who said they had successfully cloned the first human being 5 years ago ..... What does this mean? Hold a press release like that? Merely getting the attention of the world that they exist, and it is advertising, promotion and propaganda that will be very profitable existence. By talking about them we all here have acknowledged their existence and it has been beneficial to them. Who's good here? certainly penipunya who has managed to steal time and attention of the world ... So, talk to Jehova Witness, just explore the origins of the word Jehova and see where it comes from, why how can an invention of the 12th century and is found only in the KJV version can be used if they have a script which no names or which means YHWH jehova translation. Jehovah who read in Spanish language is Hehowah (Yohoua)-like pronounsasi Yahweh. Like the word church is the creation and born in Germany in German Kirche ... of course if some say find the script which have the word Kirche century to I would look stupid or a liar because the word is not there ... hehehehe And the starting point is the formulation and legislation can not be cheated and always prove deceptive power in history. In fact, who said to find the manuscript of the first century and contains tulisan2 about elvis, it would seem lies. Now we try to read the new version, while the long-they never claimed from the original script, is just starting his new version of 1961 as an example only edition of 1984 who claimed to be translated from the original language while still in use jehova said.
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