How are your cash gopher earnings going !?

December 25, 2010 8:15am CST
When Cashgopher was first introduced in mylot many people used to make discussions about it ..but now a days it has become less..Well me I have earned around 5 $ with 1 referral ..what about you guys/?..ARe you earning some good money??..How many referrals do you have and do you think that cash gopher has slowed down your comp like many people are complaining !(well I dont think so )
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@liquorice (3901)
10 Jan 11
I just saw the advert for Cash Gopher, and was tempted when it said you can earn money by doing nothing! But I'm glad I read this discussion before downloading, because if the only way to earn is with an active referral, and there's a risk of viruses and of it slowing down my computer, then I don't think I'll bother.
@Wefight (330)
25 Dec 10
Well initially thousands of people flocked to this software saying it was briliant but they have all came back now after they noticed it had viruses on and everyone knows it will slow down your computer it takes up space and it runs something in the background which if you dont turn it off when you are turning of your computer can be a night mare.I have to say i did give this a chance and never again thanks to all the trojans and rambits i got on my computer even when i had dis installed it.I think this would be a good program if they was able to get rid of all the viruses but then of course i think mylot would give away to much money.Plus they have made it really hard for you to reach the $10 cashout on the program and site so it will take you more in electricity than it is worth.