Love on a comic character = "sick"?

@gengeni (3308)
December 25, 2010 10:21am CST
maybe if there are people who fall in love with the characters in the film normal (not cartoon / animation), still reasonable, yes, because there are human beings. well, such as falling in love with zack Efron, or Nicole Kidman. but if it falls in love with the comic or cartoon / animation, and even admitted the character's girlfriend or future wife of the character, or boast "greatness" of the character, do you think? Is it the "sick" (spirit and mental)?
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@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
26 Dec 10
yeah i think that is pretty "sick" as in crazy because there is no way for the person in love with the character to ever meet their "love"'s pretty strange. at lease with celebrities you can actually meet them and there is a small chance that they will return your love but there is no hope with a made up character. in addition to being psychotic, it is pretty stupid (to be blunt...i hope you are not one of the people who have this issue...if so i am sorry for calling you stupid but that is just my opinion). it is stupid and pointless to devote so much of your heart and mind to a fictional character when there are plenty of real people out there waiting to love people like you (or whoever)