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December 25, 2010 11:22am CST
Explain the problems that can occur with the input device and what's the solution? 1.jelaskan the problems that can occur with the input device and what's the solution? 2. explain the problems that can occur with the output device and what's the solution? 3. explain the development of output devices. 4. explain the problems that can occur with external storage media and what's the solution? 5. explain the development of external storage media 6. explain the function and type of software system 7. explain the development of software systems 8. expectations do future system software
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26 Dec 10
Problems with the Mouse Move the pointer on the screen not been Hover Mouse Although all directions This can happen because it does not fit when installing the mouse connector to the CPU or a mouse cable is broken. Pointer Moves No Real or Just Moving Hhorizontal or Vertical Usually caused by dirt on the roller which causes the ball does not roll as normal. While the optical mouse is usually caused because the base of the cable on the mouse's head off or optical sensor has been weakened. Solution: * Remove debris found on the roller sensor. * Clean the ball with hot water. * In the optical mouse, by moving cables located on the tip of the mouse's head and make sure if the lights are still alive with a light sensor. * If the above is not to improve the performance of a normal mouse, the mouse should be replaced with new ones.
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25 Dec 10
Hello Madam !!! You could have made 8 different discussions on this. I will try to answer all in short way. answers: 1. Input devices issues: hardware or IRQ issues. 2. output devices: hardware and software issues, upgrading drivers will fix. 3. Development has very big history of printers, monitors, speakers, headphones etc.. 4. External storage will very often get infected with virus. protect it with some encryption software. 5. Check this link for external drive history 6. this question has confused me.. system software ?? software system?? But, everything from windows, linux, msoffice, media player everything is software and everything has a different kind of function. 7. sofware is a set instructions developed by programmers, which are executed in the system to get desired result. 8. expectations are always there for every software in IT, therefore, there are always new version of software for everykind of software. I had never answered so many questions before any where, these questions just reminded me my school days. :-)
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25 Dec 10
I have to answer which one?