Attack is the Best form of Defence

@debs90 (547)
December 25, 2010 12:06pm CST
I was playing Fifa 11 with my brother some days ago. I went 3 goals behind in the first half. My defence is very weak. My brother had lot of ball possession. Most of the time the play continued in my half. 2nd half: I became so frustrated with my defence that I went to full offence. I just keep pressing his team. I just tormented him in the 2nd half. He had a good defence but he lost the match 5-4... This is a very long and boring (perhaps) story. But it taught me a great lesson in life. ATTACK IS THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE No, matter how strong or weak ur defence is. If you are attacked repeatedly, you will weaken and break eventually. So, I would prefer going full attacking. No matter if I lose due to this. It is better to lose that way. In this world you will never get anything because you deserve. You will have to fight for it, earn it. It is your right. Please express your views. Don't you think in a similar way?( or dissimilar way) Merry Christmas....
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@Suggar (3611)
• Bulgaria
25 Dec 10
Actually i don't think so. And God bless the life i live and the people i love, that i have no reason to defense myself of something. I feel great in my skin, calm and restful and it's a great time for me. I'm trying to make the best decisions for the moment i'm trying to keep my schedule up and i'm always thinking before acting. Marry Christmas.
@debs90 (547)
• India
26 Dec 10
Whatever you told is correct. But I am not telling anybody to adopt this strategy always. I am talking about the situation when you face a hostile environment. You seem to be enjoying this festive mood and why shouldn't you. But I have a completely different frame of mind. This Christmas is the worst in my life. Anyways.... Merry Christmas Happy Mylotting....