Which is better?

@gengeni (3308)
December 26, 2010 12:30am CST
Which is better? Dating before marriage, or dating after marriage? Thanks Have a nice day
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@pit33pit (534)
• Indonesia
26 Dec 10
If you mean a date with the same person I think both things are fine just make us know each other better.
• United States
27 Dec 10
Yes, I agree with you on this, if you are dating someone then it should stay with that person, you shouldn't be unfaithful to the one your are dating. Then after marriage I believe you should remain faithful to the one you married and that there should be no reason to seek out others to date behind your husband/wives back, I think that is very ugly and mean to do your mate like that. I was taught once married you should never get a divorce no matter what the circumstances are.
• Indonesia
18 Jan 11
Is all this what do you do with choosing first before going out or does not merit favorable economic, social, and political well (er, politically the old man liked to children independent and responsible, if just for fun aja or still need choose chose and especially without clear and strong ties, it could undermine confidence and the trust they gave us. Calm down buddy, I tried to introduce this formula because I think this applies generally. For any purpose. But usually it will have an impact that is good enough to make a commitment to yourself and also the person we are making a commitment. Let's discuss one by one these SMART formula. Certain specific or special meaning. Arguably our goal must be specific, special, and if necessary clear and distinctive. For example for what we are seeing? Embed this well within yourself that question. Just as it does to what we learn. Each person should answer will vary due to the purpose. Well, the formula is both an alias Measurable objectives must be measurable. If learning objectives are to worship and want to get insight, then it should also be measurable. For example, what can be obtained from the study. Approximately reply was not satisfactory to a certain level until it had been designed. There is a level of success that can be measured. So even with relationships such as dating, can not measurable activities. Continue on Reasonable it can mean decent, reasonable, and sensible. Okay if the court deems appropriate, proper, and sensible, surely there must be sized dong. What makes it worth going out, what makes a courtship that makes sense. If indeed there is, try to show to people. You see, if courtship is considered a project that could streamline the process to know the couple to marry, then must clear whether this includes project labor intensive or capital intensive.
• Indonesia
18 Jan 11
better you are going out before and after marriage .... should not be a deadline until marriage courtship, the love we are passionate to our partners not only when going out alone ... even after marriage we should show love and affection is even more ... as proof that we are a complementary pair and the needy. okay
@emine08 (1531)
• Indonesia
17 Jan 11
i was married first and then dating. i think it is usually in my region.
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
26 Dec 10
Well if you take a "date" directly its not really necessery before marriage , its not like you cant be with her/him when out with friends and undarstend each other and all other kind of situations :) But well if you take the time they are together and going out only the two of them as dates well you can say that people do date before marriage and they do date after . I think dating is good both ways , you can always learn something new or something a little more about the person you are in love with :) So after or before it dont really matter ;)
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
hi gengeni, I think both being in a relationship you should always find time with your partner dating during being significant one is natural and dating being partner is really a thoughtful which can make the relationship grows. have a nice day!