December 26, 2010 6:32am CST
The day before yesterday is the winter solstice.It is the coldest day of the winter.Recently,a light snow fell down in Lanzhou which is a beautiful city in china.I am very glad to have the chance to experience the scene.When the snowflakes were falling like little white feathers from the sky,it is as if I stay in another world,everything around me had been changed,everything become white,it seems a white carpet on the land,you will not feel cold,you only want to sit on the beautiful carpet and kiss the land.You will never want to take step down to the earth,be afraid to leave a mark.Everything is too beautiful,I can not find a suitable words to express the situation. Have you ever experienced it?It is a indescribable scene.
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
30 Dec 10
There is no snow where I live in Australia but I am attempting to picture the scene where you are! I used to live in Italy many years ago and we did get snow there but not often because we were on the coast. We used to drive over the border to Switzerland and go skiing every year...
• United States
27 Dec 10
Lots and lots of snow by me, but the worst is yet to come. As soon as January hits we will get loads more, we will get several days where we cannot possibly go anywhere as the snow will surely block us in from any of the streets. Along with the snow we get 30 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, which is customary for us during the winters which can linger on through April.
• Estonia
26 Dec 10
Greetings from the distant Estonia! We are situated in Norther-Europe, close to Finland. The first snow came here in November and since then it has been a very nice and snowy winter. The sight you've described seems to be quite beautiful and innocent. At the moment, we have something monstrous in comparison to your first snow: there are huge snowbanks, the streets and roads are clogged up with snow and people are having trouble with removing it to keep the traffic going. There are some huge piles of snow reaching up to 2 meters in height, so it's quite extreme here. But still, I can remember this winters first snow, it really was a nice sight, everything was so white and gentle around. Really indescribable scene...
• United States
26 Dec 10
No snow here, but there is lots of rain in the part of California where I live.
26 Dec 10
Lovely to look at but having been snowed in for two weeks earlier in December the novelty soon wore off!
• United States
26 Dec 10
I am glad u enjoyed it. I have never been a fan of snow.