@buli23 (550)
December 26, 2010 12:46pm CST
I like to write poem in my spare time to keep my mind fresh. We can express our view through the writing. We can bring the picture of our civilization to every one eyes. We can protest any crime of our society with the help of papers and pen i.e writings. I like to express my view by writing poem. I like to write poem. I had wrote about 6 poem in my live. I try to write more poem in future. I like to keep every thing in my daily diary, so I write my daily diary. I think everybody should write their daily diary. When we will be at the end of our life we will be nostalgic seeing the past dairy. I thing writing is art.
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@angelic123 (1112)
• United States
27 Dec 10
you could also publish it in different writing site.
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
Hello Buli! It seems that we have common passion. I also love to write poems and I actually hosted a blog for my poetry. It is very nice to write poems and use it as an outlet of our mixed emotions. For me, I write the words that remain unspoken by me. Those words that I can't personally and verbally say to the persons involved. Those words that I have been wanting to blurt out loud but I chose to write them instead. I have been into writing poems ever since I entered high school. Now that I am a license professional as a Nurse, I do still write. I guess, I will keep on writing until my hands can't handle anymore. LOL. My piece of advice for you, keep on writing and keep on expressing. That is very lovely and therapeutic way of expressing oneself. Do not write words that you do not feel or words that for the sake to write a poem. Write straight from your heart and soul. 6 poems are a lot already and you will make more and can write more. Keep it up dear.
• United States
26 Dec 10
I agree, writing is an art that more people should pratice. It lets us go back later in life and see where we have been and sometimes reminds us of where we want to go. Good subject...have a good day.