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@birdie816 (1277)
United States
December 26, 2010 4:13pm CST
i am an artist (unprofessionally lol). i love to draw. that is the main art that i do, but i also paint and i am an ok sculptor too. i have always wanted to be an artist ever since i was a little girl and first picked up a crayon lol. i even went to college for fine arts for a year. as i got older though i started to feel like i shouldn't pursue a career in art because of all the haters and i don't want to be a starving artist. i have no idea how i could really get a good headstart being a professional artist because it is still my dream. any ideas?
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@ilumpruj (11)
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
hi there :) many people have told me that no one can be a successful artist unless you die blah blah - of course they're all wrong. there are countless ways to earn money with your own passion. I would say that you can start building up your own reputation first - by making or collecting your own portfolio and posting it online like deviant art and concept art. Get exposed to the art world, go to galleries. Later on you'll learn that you can actually earn from teaching students, selling your arts or crafts, selling your art online, becoming a freelance digital artist, becoming an art director (which in my opinion has the highest salary for an artist), or selling your paintings from art galleries. My best advice i can tell you is that whatever you do, you DONT need to have talent to become a successful one but you NEED to learn how you represent yourself and your art :)...if you look at the greatest painters out there, some people don't realize their more interested in their lives as an artist than their art itself, so be the most interesting person you can be.. i hope my ideas help and merry Christmas
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
oh i forgot to tell you some more ideas - build up your reputation first - make your own portfolio - post your portfolio online - go to art galleries ways to earn - make tshirt designs and sell them - make arts and crafts designs and sell them - become a teacher or if you have a degree, become a professor - open up some art galleries - consign on some stores like in the mall or something. - you can also ask them if you could post your paintings in their store, some people allow allow this for a percentage - become a freelance artist in the internet - deviant has some groups that members help each other to find commissions for making art. You can also get paid for drawing for 5 dollars on its a site where you can offer your services for five dollars
@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
28 Dec 10
wow thank you for your comment. these are some really good ideas. i never thought to sell t-shirts...or the idea about posting my paintings in a store. and the last part about seems like it might be a pretty good deal too. i have plenty of time to work on that. and also, could you tell me more about the site? when you say you can offer your services for 5 dollars, how does that work exactly?
@justit (75)
• China
17 Mar 11
Have a dream is a happy thing,as we know,in fact,many people in this world do not have a dream, they just live and go to die, the course for them is just a torture,so,just pursue your dream,one day we will be a best artist.As you says,you love draw,so why not go on? To be yourself,fighting! wish you success.