sisters are good friends

United States
December 26, 2010 9:19pm CST
My sisters amd I are very close we have always done things together, even after we were grown before we got married we were always going places together like shopping,movies,dining out and so on, but now that we are miles away we don't get to do is as much as we did before we got married but we always keep in touch. Our family has I have always been close and we still are. I love my sisters very much as well as all of our family.
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@PDBME2 (1023)
• United States
27 Dec 10
I always wanted a sister growing up. I do have one sister but we are light night and day. I would think that having a sister it would mean that we would do things together but it has never been like that. I am glad someone has a good relationship with her sister's
• United States
27 Dec 10
I couldn't be your sister but i could be your friend to talk to whenever you need someone to talk to, you may add me if you would like to.
@lady1993 (19634)
• Philippines
17 Jan 11
My sister and I are very close too. But when she reached adolescence she changed a bit and became more secretive to us... I don't even know who she hangs out with or who her new boyfriend is.. But I still care about her and I'm sure she feels the same way.
@Messyrax (147)
12 Jan 11
thats the true spirit of really sisters..friendship is the key to having a great and lovely family. i admire the way you love you sisters and like spending time with them. even sounds like though you are miles away you feel like distance cant separate you. you have a great family
• India
10 Jan 11
My sister and me are best frnds. I am 8 years older than her. But never have felt like that. She is very much frank and very good. Now she is in her college. So whatever happens, I am the first person who get to know all the news. Whenever I go to my hometown, she will have bunch of stories to share with me. We use to go for shopping, everydays we use to chat with each other. I feel very proud and happy to have her as my sister. She is my cutest person and my best frnd.
@lingli_78 (12844)
• Australia
28 Dec 10
you are very fortunate to have sisters who are close to you... i don't have any sister... i only have brothers... and i'm not that close to them because we already have our own family and live quite far apart... one of my brother even live in a different country and we hardly see each other... nevertheless, i still love them as well as my family... take care and have a nice day...
@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
27 Dec 10
I had half sisters when I was young but they lived with my parents and I was raised by my grandparents. We weren't very close. I was closest to my cousin...oh I loved her so..we were inseperable. We were very close in age and it was us against the did everything together too.
@ninskie (13)
27 Dec 10
hi mz julia... Same as with you I am also very closed to my sister.Every time i have a problem she always give me a piece of an advice.We always done things together.we slept in same BED.We do things together like shopping,going internet ans also we had same likes and foods also.I love my sister so much.I think she is the best and kind sister for me.though sometimes there's really a time that we quarrel but we did not lat the day passed without forgiving each other.
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
hello julia, having a sister is really good you can do girly things together, me and my sister is also close to each other we always try to find time to have bonding but i am thinking that 3-5 years from now she is going to build her own family and lot of adjustments will happen if ever that time comes i will be happy for her and going to miss her so much. But i will make sure that her husband to be can't take her far away from us hahaahah. have a nice day!