Lets write a script together..(Step 1)

@Postrock (273)
December 27, 2010 7:57am CST
So..here's how it works.. Each new step will need a new post on my side and will feature a question (or more) that will guide us towards the completion of our script. Answer it in the way you find most interesting..when the best answer will be decided that will be the starting point for a new step/thread. Here are the RULES: -Each new step will feature a specific question..be sure you understood the question asked before you answer. -You have to be STRICTLY ON-TOPIC...you will be badly rated if you write something offtopic in here. The questions for step 1 are: 1-Who is our main character? 2-What does our main character want? 3-What does our main character do BEFORE deciding to obtain what he wants?
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@NoWayRo (1062)
• Romania
27 Dec 10
1. A black witch - or rather, a woman who strongly believes she is a black witch. She spent years in her home, studying and learning, and now she's certain she possesses immense powers, but only for evil. 2. Prove her powers, especially to those who mocked her. She is however reluctant to do so, because she cannot do any menial tricks, she can only kill people, start wars, trigger natural catastrophes and so on (or that's what she thinks. I haven't decided yet if she's a real witch or just an insane old lady, we can leave that for Step 25, I guess ). 3. Decides to destroy all the knowledge accumulated, so it doesn't fall in the wrong hands, so she burns on her books, but, in the process, sets her house on fire too, and is arrested and thrown in jail for arson, and while in jail, she meets... no idea, maybe another myLotter takes to this scenario and finds a continuation for it
@Postrock (273)
• Italy
29 Dec 10
well that is certainly interesting.. :)