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@gengeni (3308)
December 27, 2010 1:21pm CST
A phrase saying: Follow your heart .. for surely he would never lie! Thus, if your heart is the truth & if your heart is never wrong, if it makes sense if then the liver can lead every human person to find what religion to be adopted and who the Lord. The question: When I fell in love with a man who is different religion, then what reply I should do? Was: A. Following my heart (because the heart never lies) then become um, (slightly) distorted ... or B. Ignoring what the heart and prepare for heartbreak Interfaith marriage ...... continued ....... Once you determine the choice of A or B above, the next question is: 1. If you answered A: Is love & faith (religion) is the 2 values which we can align it worth? 2. If you answered B: Is it true expression of that conscience is the truth is something that is not entirely true?
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
For me yes it is good but take the time to take the change to said sorry about your heart brake to your love one.
• United States
27 Dec 10
I have learned the hard way over the years "to trust no man" but to walk in love toward all (working on this sometimes minute by minute). I ran across something my mother used to say when I was growing up - "let God be true and every may a liar." He (God) always has been true to me. I only get off board when I try to walk in my own wisdom (LOL). My wisdom is like dung compared to God's wisdom. Religion is rules and condemnation. God is grace and loving conviction to walk in His love. We need to be agreed to walk together as one. That oneness must daily be worked on because we always change. You can marry someone of your same faith but then they may leave that faith. One think that is always constant is God in our lives when we have relationship with Him. I must constantly go to God for help to walk in agreement with my mate. When God is in the middle, He works like glue even when we are at odds.
@yumcookie (146)
• United States
27 Dec 10
You should follow your heart but you should also listen to your mind and follow reason. If there is a kid in a well and your heart is the right place than save the kid IF the circumstances for saving the kid would not put both of your in further danger. There are times you should listen to your heart before you listen to your brain. Sometimes you over think things. One of the times you should probably listen to your heart is when it comes to love. Your brain doesn't know what it means to love and your heart does. But that doesn't mean you should be an idiot who is blinded by love. If you know the person you are following for is being unfaithful or is constantly hurting you do not allow your heart to say "He will change, everything will be all better," because it won't if they constantly do it over and over again.