Sales Hype

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December 27, 2010 5:48pm CST
It is being reported that spending was up three percent for retailers, and that people were out full force on Christmas Eve. That is fantastic but it's just all hype. These bargains retailers are claiming are just markup prices then they throw in free shipping to make you think that it is a steal, but the retailers marked the prices up then mark them down and there is your bargain. Macy's had these slipcovers before the Thanksgiving holiday that were less then the price of the slipcovers on Black Friday (they marked up the price or jacked them up). They want to think it a bargain but there is no bargain. Walmart had those cheap appliances on Black Friday but the TVs' were no bargain. Watch the prices at the stores some are good at marking up prices then marking down.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
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28 Dec 10
You most definately have to watch the sales and what they offer. I think that all the time at places like Kohl's when they mark them down 50% or so... they have them marked high on the tag, and that makes you think "wow - 50% off that price! Good deal!" However, the 50% you are paying is what they would have sold if for in the first place on the honesty scale! I always watch and never think about "how much" it is marked down..just how much I am going to be spending at the cash register if I buy it! That is my way of knowing what is on sale or not! I have even seen where they mark the price up the amount of shipping and then say - "FREE SHIPPING" to get buyers to think... wow - free shipping, that's great!" but since they don't know what the price was before the "sale" they don't realize they aren't getting anyting "on sale". Gotta know how to play the game! Annoying sometimes but you just have to watch the sales/signs for direction and then the final price, no matter the sale, to see if you want to pay that much for that item.
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1 Jan 11
I agree with your comments. These retailers want consumers to except anything they say.