most popular exotic foods in your country?

December 28, 2010 12:32am CST
the most popular exotic foods in our country are: 1. balut it is boiled duck's egg age 18 days, this egg is nearly developed embryo, it is high in proteins. 2. cat adobo sauteed with garlic and onion season with vinegar and soy sauce, but i dont eat cat... 3. fried frog these frogs are from the fields of farmers 4. fried rat this is also get from the fields 5. raw mudfish these are eaten raw just add pepper, salts and vinegar 6. friend monitor lizard some of us believe that it can cure asthma and other diseases.
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• United States
28 Dec 10
What does exotic food mean?
• Philippines
28 May 11
exotic foods are the one you don't really eat but other people cooks and eat it. its like eating it beyond your imagination
• Philippines
28 May 11
thinking about those foods makes me want to puke! though I attempted eating Balut but I failed. Its because I can bear to eat the tiny little thing inside it. I'd rather eat a lot of eggs or penoys than eat that thing. What's delicious about it was only the soup or the liquid inside it. I heard about the field rat, the frogs and the lizard but never imagined to eat that. Even though they say its delicious for me its gross! How about those meal made of goat and carabao or even horse? for me its exotic too!