When receiving gifts. tear off the wrapper or unwrap it carefully?

@jennbart (1332)
December 28, 2010 6:49am CST
I tear off the wrapper when I get gifts like a 7 year old kid excited to see what is inside the wrapped package. They say its goodluck to tear the wrapper down.So, do you?
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• Netherlands
28 Dec 10
Usually I just unwrap them carefully, no idea why really, guess I learnt to do it that way :P maybe I'm just a freak that wants things right :D I honestly don't have an idea! I guess it's because I wanna keep it exciting as to what's inside the present :D When I was little I obviously unwrapped the presents as fast as I could, to go play with it as soon as possible haha!
• India
28 Dec 10
I used to save all the gift wrappers also just like the gift. During my wedding that was not possible :P.. Since there were so many gifts and eventually stopped.