meaning of family

December 28, 2010 8:45am CST
Saturday morning, rain still fell wetting flowers and grass in the park. Rush of water to give the feel fresh and calm. I looked at the rain of glass walls in the living room. I drink a glass of jasmine tea which was taken as souvenirs from my friend from the city of bamboo. I say this because aware of the lack of attendance at our family in recent years. what does a family do you think?
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• Philippines
5 Jan 11
Though when we're apart from each other, we all have a family we can call. We can make our bonds tighter by regularly sending them a regards as an act of thoughtfulness. Such simple acts make them be reminded that a certain someone cares.
@cssiduyz (1054)
• Indonesia
30 Dec 10
For us, family is the second largest after salvation we have received from God. We want to be a solid team in treading this life ... we also want to be able to build a family as "family Pines. " There is good communication between parents, parents with children and vice versa. I am aware that among us there are weaknesses, but now we are building a more solid foundation than ever. For our family is the most precious treasure. After I experienced events that never should have happened in my life ... and I'm grateful for his wife who continued to support me. Families really have tremendous vital role.
28 Dec 10
Well it would not be easy to explain that what does a family do for the members. But we always miss our family, mostly when we are alone. I can say family is a support which we always need. however, now a days these trends are changing and people prefer to stay alone or with friends. But i really feel that family is too important in our life.
@sql_cell (1429)
• Indonesia
28 Dec 10
If I'm alone, and I remember my family, I am reminded of a song lyric, which contains the meaning of family. And I have the same opinion with that song lyric. Song lyric that sounds, the most precious treasure, is the family. The most beautiful palace, is the family. Poetry of the most significant, is the family. Matchless pearl, is the family.
@kirthy (387)
• India
28 Dec 10
oh thats why you named as ALONE33 . many people are not think about their family, yet they are with them. but you are thinking about it. it s good. i think your family and you are bonded tightly. you are not away from your family. mentally you are all in one world.don t worry.